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Boise Window Cleaning and Curb Appeal

30 Jul

The fact that windows are often found in front of a house makes it add to the beauty of your curb appeal.  Instead of a dull, dingy appearance, your home will sparkle and impress as your guests walk up to your front door.

An ideal window doesn’t mean having the most costly window installed to your place. As a matter of fact, a straightforward window could look perfect and fascinating as long as it is clean and well-maintained. Yes, the secret to a beautiful window is window cleaning.

boise window cleaning

Most of our customers get their windows cleaned 2 times a year. We do have customers who have us clean their glass once a month, and others who have us come but once a year.

However, after several days of wildfire smoke, your windows may have kept a layer of gray from the smoke, leaving them looking drab and dingy.

Regular professional cleaning also saves your windows from becoming stained with hard water.  Treasure Valley and Boise water is the worst culprit for staining glass. Once the damage is done it becomes much more costly and work intensive to clean.

Our service includes the cleaning of your frames, exposed tracks, sills and free window screen cleaning.

Every home in the Boise area is different but we are running a summer discount special of $99 to clean the exterior of all of your windows.  If you would like to clean the inside of your windows as well, we can give you a free quote.  Typically we like to do both inside and outside of your windows the first time we clean them so you can experience the full effect of beautiful, spotless windows.  Of course the choice is yours.

Your can read more about our services here: Boise Window Cleaning

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