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Don’t Make these Window Cleaning Mistakes

01 Feb


window cleaning mistakesWe are still six weeks away from spring (unfortunately).  The sun is starting to show itself more and days are getting longer.  Hopefully, that means your are starting to admire our snow capped foothills and sunset views.

If your house is like most, your windows have not been cleaned since the fall.  As winter starts to fade and you continue to look at those dirty windows, try to avoid these common mistakes.

Window Cleaning Mistakes

First, when you think Spring is here.. don’t be fooled!  This crazy weather can never make up its mind.  So before you get out the ladder, squeegees, and rags make sure you’ve seen the last of winter and it’s window killing weather!

Also if you use a professional window cleaner make sure you get a rain guarantee.  Often this time of year window cleaners will extend their guarantees to 2 or even 3 days because of the down season.  Make sure you get this in writing.

Our rain guarantee ensures that if it rains on your newly clean windows within 3 days, we will return and clean your windows again…at no additional charge!

Second, do not forget to clean the interior of your windows.  After a long winter, holiday parties, and cabin fever, your windows are likely loaded with dirt, dust, and finger prints.

A common mistake is to get out in the cold, climb an icy ladder, and clean the outside of the windows; only to see three or four finger prints staring right back at you.

Cleaning the outside of your windows is a big job. It takes a lot of effort and energy, especially when it is cold outside. You may not have the energy to continue on and clean the inside of your windows. Or maybe you are just sick and tired of cleaning, scrubbing, and wiping. Let’s face, we may enjoy cleaning windows…but we are weird.

The chore of window cleaning is usually more taxing then you may think, especially if you are perfectionists like we are.  You may find yourself out of energy and unable to complete the interior.

You may just want to split it into a two day job or, if you want to save some money, pay the experts to clean the more difficult exterior windows.

Our recommendation: Save yourself the hassle and what’s left of your Saturday. Getting your difficult exterior windows cleaned is very affordable….and, if you want the red carpet treatment, we can clean the insides too.

Avoid these mistakes, especially when Spring rolls around and those windows will look spotless and beautiful. Not to mention you will have the energy to do the things you want to do on the weekends….do I hear fishing, shopping, greenbelt… So much free time to choose from!!

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