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Why We Created This Business

28 Aug

Meridian Window Cleaning

Thank you for visiting our new website!  Since we are new to the internet world, we wanted to start out by telling you a little bit about us and why we decided to start ProShine Window Cleaning.

We started ProShine first of all, because we love window cleaning!  Sounds weird, but is the same reason we love to mow our lawns and wash our car.  We get a great feeling of accomplishment when we see the instant results of our work.

We love seeing the smiles and satisfaction from our clients…instantly.

We also wanted to be in a business were we can interact and help our local community.  We love the treasure valley and plan on staying here for life.  Window cleaning is a great business because our clients are always happy, the interaction is great, and we get a lot of pride out of what we do.

It may not be a “sexy” business, but we get a kick out of it. boise window cleaners

We come from a great family with longstanding roots in the treasure valley…almost 100 years!  Our business is owned by 3 of our 4 brothers. Our ousted brother (; is a pastor of a small church in Portland were he lives with his wife and 2 young children.  There was no way we were going to cleaning windows so oregonians could see the rain better!

boise window cleaning

AJ  is our window cleaning master.  He is the last standing single man in the family and our mom and dad are on the hunt to add his better half….look out  AJ(he will hate that I put that in)!  While not cleaning windows, AJ is a teacher at Kuna Middle School.

Ryan York is the oldest and is the late comer to business.  He lives with his wife, a local teacher, and two sons in Boise.

Now you have met us, we would love a chance to meet and work for you.  As always, estimates are freely and cheerfully given.  Call us today: 484-3571

ProShine Window Cleaning
Professional Window Cleaning, pressure washing, gutter cleaning.

2858 Willard st


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